I have had the pleasure of using Mrs C's The OG secret recipe crispy chilli oil for over two years; it made my lockdown cooking so much more enjoyable. It adds flavor to any type of cooking or cuisine. My family can’t live without it, we cook with it, we use it as a side, we even sprinkle it as a decoration. There’s nothing like it in the shops, it’s one of a kind. Can’t wait to gift my friends with their own Mrs C chilli!

- Heela A.


Take it from someone who loves eating chilli, I've tried cooking with Mrs C's, and had it as an accompaniment & it lifts your meal to another level. You have to try it with scrambled eggs OMG! Do yourself a favour and buy some today - you won't regret it!

- Jackie P.

 On Saturday morning I stumbled across your stall at the Footscray Slow Food Market and bought a Classic-sized jar of The Apprentice. On Sunday evening I opened the jar and set it on the dining table, with the expectation that my partner and I might add one or two spoonsful to our dinner. On Monday afternoon that jar was completely empty, and I hurried to your website to buy the biggest replacement I could find. 

I have never in my life fallen in love with a food product so quickly and so deeply. I'll be back for more, and more, and more. 


 - Savvas D.

I have tried all the mainstream chilli's and none had the Punch I was looking for until I tried Mrs C's The OG secret recipe crispy chilli oil.  Can't get enough of it and use it in anything I want to give a flavour boost too.  I have now found my forever chilli! 🌶 
- Ty B.